About the Toronto International Dance Festival

The Toronto International Dance Festival is an opportunity to promote intercultural understanding, celebration, and gender empowerment to help communities build a socially collaborative, cohesive and interconnected society. Dancing is a form of artistic expression and dance styles are closely tied to the cultures in which they develop. Through the evolving language of dance the festival provides opportunities, education and entertainment to its audience through dance performances, interactive sessions, demonstrations and workshops. on an array of diverse cultures in Canada.

The Toronto International Dance Festival is a tribute to International Dance Day which was initiated in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute.


A platform to showcase the importance of dance as an art and to recognize the contribution of all cultures to the fabric of our society that builds interculturalism in Canadians.


The mission of the festival is to strive to promote the arts and foster cultural integration among the artistic community. The event brings an opportunity to promote talents and culture and enable the community to take pride in the culture and heritage of their origins in Canada.

About the presenter

The TIDF is annually presented by Dancing Damsels Inc. a registered Canadian non-profit, which works to educate and empower through Multi and Intercultural Arts by organizing various events and festivals in the Greater Toronto Area. For more information visit www.ddshows.com.

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